Our Mission & Vision


Our desire as a church is to work in partnership with God. This truly is the only way we will see Heaven Invade Earth and see the vision that God has given us come to pass. The fulfillment of this purpose is the desire of God for every individual, but the achievement of it depends on our willingness and obedience to work in partnership with God. Therefore, it is important for people to understand their identity as sons and daughters of God and the benefits we have because of this relationship. Here at SOZO Church we know that God has given us clarity in how we should partner with Him. In fact, God has given us four main areas that challenge every person to respond to a relationship with Him and the call that he has for us.

We will EVANGELIZE our community and the world. Restoring the broken, healing the hurting, releasing the spiritually captive and healing the sick are a part of this mandate.

We will EQUIP the saints for the work of the ministry by showing people their identity in Christ, stirring up the gifts of God in them and showing them how to properly use those gifts.

We will EMPOWER people to be leaders in the home, the marketplace and the community. Opportunities will be available through this ministry to give people an outlet to use their gifts as well as training for specific ministries.

We will EXPRESS our love for God through worship, to our community through acts of compassion, to the world through mission projects.


Our Values
Love God & His Word  / Prayer  /  Worship  /  Spirit-filled & Spirit-led lives
Honor  /  Compassion  /  Generosity  /  Creativity